Saturday, August 31, 2013

So close but yet feels so far far away

There are still many nice unspoiled and undiscovered spots in the world. You don't have to go far far away. Something 'Lighthouse Island' does have proven again. All the enthusiastic posts on Facebook by the few lucky ones who had the opportunity to visit the spot, made me share this great experience here as well.


Lighthouse Island can only be reached by a 45-60 min boat trip leaving from the quay in Amsterdam. The island is no bigger than 2 football fields.What to expect on the Island? small hills, flowers, goats, blackberries, remains of a fort, one small house occupied by 2 people for anti-theftAnd of course the lighthouse. And these days a restaurant in a glass house. A so called 'pop-up' restaurant, which is there for just one month this summer. 
A very nice couple subscribed for a competition to exploit the beautiful island, organized by the Dutch Forestry Commission (literally translated). Since the race has not been decided yet - just 2 participants are still on of which this creative couple - this couple convinced the commission to get Amsterdam acquainted with this special place already. The organic food was amazing and the atmosphere with just 20 people allowed made it an unforgettable experience. Fingers crossed that the hospitable couple will win and Amsterdam will have a new amazing spot to visit!


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Let's have some Bites

If you ever need a caterer, please DO call me! Today I had my first - and hopefully not my last - assignment. Besides that it was very fun to do, I am very happy with the positive reactions!

It was quite a job and hard work, preparing little bites for 70> people, but oh so worth it! Since it was my first time, I had all kinds of start-up difficulties. The toughest one was called 'space'; space in my kitchen, space on plates and especially space in my fridge…. Timing is also known as a challenge. How long before party time can you start with the finishing touch? Too early and things will get cold (or warm), old or smelly. Pffoehh. Oh and quantity of course. Over 70 guests… that is more people than my regular birthday party.

But I made it! within time span, with the right quantities and the right look&feel! So now I know I can do 70. What is next! 

Here Some snap shots of the Bites

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The p from Pin It!

I have a new hobby: Pinterest! When I came it across for the first time, immediately questions arose like: What is pinterest? Can I do this or should you be extremely creative to do this? What is the use or is it just another way to kill time? 

It is GREAT!!! it is like creating mood boards to get inspired. Are you allergic for paper, scissors and glue? No problem, Pin It! 

How does it work? Well, imagine you invited some friends to come over for dinner. What to make this time? your amazing pasta with spinach and blue chees? neah, you've made it too often already. Pinterest allows you to collect images on the World Wide Web and guides you to the related site where you can find the recipe. Once you started looking you can find the most amazing YUMMY pictures! Only thing is that you still have to cook yourself, obviously…

Currently I'm looking for a new apartment. And this new apartment has to be furnished. There are so many beautiful chairs, tables, lamps, carpets, colours, etc etc. To get inspired I surf over the WWW and when I see nice furniture or colour combinations, wallpaper, I just Pin It, save the picture on my 'New Home' board and I will never forget about it anymore and I can still go back to the website.

Would you like to get some more background information? Google 'Pinterest tutorial' and you will get access to all kinds of Youtube films and sides.